Fidel Castro : The First Communist Dictator Of Cuba Essay

Fidel Castro : The First Communist Dictator Of Cuba Essay

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Fidel Castro
Dom Hauscarriague
World History Summer 2015

Fidel Castro was the first communist dictator of Cuba. Despite the fact that his ethical beliefs are controversial, there is no escaping the fact that he has accomplished a lot over the years. The "Grad at Grad" document is a set of important qualities that a good leader should embody according to Saint Ignatius High School; although Fidel was not trying to master these characteristics, they are still vital to lead successfully. Handling criticism with emotional maturity, maintaining integrity, having good leadership skills / having a good work ethic and influencing others in a way that promotes justice are a few qualities of a good leader.
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 13, 1926 in Birán, Cuba; he was one of six children. Fidel 's father was a rich sugar plantation owner and his name was Angel, his mother Lina Ruz Gonzalez, had worked for Angel 's previous wife (Luisa Argota). Fidel had a private education and grew up in a fairly wealthy family while most other Cuban families were poor. Fidel was very smart but at the time more interested in sports. At age 21, Fidel became very interested in social justice and politics. Fidel went to the Dominican Republic to participate in an attempt to overthrow Dictator Rafael Trujillo but ultimately failed. Fidel joined a group called the Partido Orthodox, which was an anti-communist political party founded to reform and fix the corrupt government; they focused on nationalism, economic independence, and social reforms. In 1948, Fidel Castro married Mirta Diaz Balart and had one child and named him Fidelta. Castro then decided he was going to run for office, but a coup led by Fulgencio Batista successfully overthrew th...

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...d" quality Castro mastered was having a good work ethic / having good leadership; this was proven by how hard he worked and the things he has accomplished such as a more stable economy, a safer government, a strong military and many other things. Although he was a good leader, he completely failed to master any of the other qualities of the "Grad at Grad" document. He slaughtered people and lied at any cost proving he has no integrity, he has not taken criticism with emotional, maturity and he definitely has not influenced others in a manner that promotes justice. Fidel was a skilled leader, but acted heartlessly; to be even close to a good Ignatian leader you must love and care for your people. Fidel has not embodied the characteristics of a great leader listed in the "Grad at Grad" document. [].

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