Fidel Castro, A Revolutionary Leader Of Cuba Essay examples

Fidel Castro, A Revolutionary Leader Of Cuba Essay examples

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Health care advanced enough to created a potential cure to cancer developed by Cuba. Fidel Castro is a revolutionary leader. Fidel Castro was a communist leader of Cuba. He lead became the leader of Cuba in 1959 and was the leader of Cuba until 2008, where he stepped down. Fidel Castro is revolutionary because he changed the status quo of Cuba by creating movements into changing Cuba’s political regime into communism while he helped further the progress of health-care in Cuba.
Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was born in Birán, Cuba during 1926. Later, he went to Roman Catholic schools in Santiago de Cuba. While Castro grew up in wealthy conditions amongst the poverty of Cuba, he was also instilled with a sense of Spanish pride from his professors. From an young age, Castro showed he was well educated, but he was also a rabble-rouser and was interested in sports over education. Following this, Castro went to law school at the University of Havana and became engrossed in the ambience of Cuban nationalism, anti-imperialism and socialism, focusing his interests more individually on politics. After graduating in 1950, Castro began to study law and became a member of the reformist Cuban People’s Party. He became to be their best candidate in the House of Representatives from a Havana district in the elections for June 1952. Later in March of that year, however, the former Cuban president, Gen. Fulgencio Batista, deposed the regime of Pres. Carlos Prío Socarrás and nullify the elections. After failing to dislodge Batista’s new dictatorship by legal means, Castro began to assemble a rebel force for the job in 1953. Nowadays, Fidel is worth around $900 million. Cuban President Fidel Castro was upset when Forbes magazine judged his f...

... middle of paper ... this day. This is why Fidel Castro was revolutionary leader.
Castro started his movements with a suicide attack on one of Batista’s military wings. Following that, his propaganda movements caused Batista to leave helping Fidel seize full control. After seizing full control, Fidel Castro communalized businesses creating a communist government. Fidel also pushed for the ability to have free health care, a lung cancer cure, and a decreased mortality rate. Fidel Castro changed Cuba by reforming the government through creating movements against the previous regime and pushed for the refinement of health services. Overall, changing the status quo or being revolutionary is hard. Needing to change an area or place’s current ideology is difficult. Doing so will make create an impact on history. Being a revolutionary and changing the status quo is what Fidel Castro did.

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