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The Office of Veteran Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) are in charge of facilitating the health care for “millions of veterans and active duty members and their beneficiaries” (GAO, 2015). When a civilian enlists in any form of military service, he/she is entitled to healthcare via the DoD. Once a member is no longer enlisted in military service after at least 24 months of serving, they are then entitled to health care via VA as long as their exit is not deemed dishonorable. (VA, 2016). Based on the existing system, it is imperative for the DoD and the VA to efficiently collaborate in order to preserve the records for every eligible participant entitled to both health care programs. The DoD and the VA currently control two of largest health care systems in the United States (GAO, 2015). Thus, one would assume that there is an interoperable system to smoothen the transition from the DoD health care system to that of the VA; however, neither bureaucracy has taken initiative to develop one common solution to assist veterans in their transition.
The VA and DoD’s Old Public Administration approach to handling controversy, especially under these circumstances, has proven to be each department’s primary inefficiency. Old Public Management separates politics and administration as well as stress the efficiency of the system over setting performance goals and strategies to benefit the people receiving the service. In this case, the lack of interoperability due to opposing methods to achieve one goal creates a situation where neither bureaucracy has made their primary concern the veterans. (GAO, 2015) Each agency has different views, specifically regarding the cost ...

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...eover, the authors claim, “both [departments] are not easily understood, as each administers its disability evaluation program under different standards and with different objectives” which in turn ends up “Complicating matters further” (Jackonis, Deyton, and Hess, 2008). Despite their commentary, there is no concern for the veterans making the transition between the two departments. Although the matter is complicated, neither of the authors indicates an alternative method to creating an efficient transition between the two health care systems.
David Brown of the Washington Post relays President Obama’s concern that is simply the welfare of veterans; Obama states that his administration will fund an electronic record that will “contain their administrative and medical information from the day they first enlist to the day that they are laid to rest" (Brown, 2009)

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