Fice Of The National Coordinator For Health Information Technology Essay examples

Fice Of The National Coordinator For Health Information Technology Essay examples

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Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems. In 2011, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) (n.d.) lists CPSI System, Version 19, and Cerner Millennium Powerchart, Version 2010.01.07, as having the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT). Both systems meet the same inpatient clinical quality measures and general and inpatient criteria (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, n.d.). By government standards, prospective users are unable to see unique differences. Therefore, hospitals will need to research other avenues.
Sadly, the number of installations is an unrealistic correlation to competency or the ability to meet the specific needs of an organization. However, updated versatility is a significant consideration. For 2014, CPSI, Version 19v, is certified (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, n.d.). Conversely, Cerner took a modular approach (Travis, 2013). During the maintenance phase, Cerner realized the need to separate the complete EHR (Travis, 2013). Clients are now able to select the particular products they will use to fulfill MU requirements. Of course, Cerner kept their mainline bundle to meet ONC and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) criteria (Travis, 2013).
For 2014, Cerner has the following certified EHRs:
• PowerChart (Clinical), the bulk of all the clinical criteria, security criteria and interoperability criteria that comprise most of the base EHR concept and additional core set criteria - this certification is intended to support the use of PowerChart in the inpatient setting;
• FirstNet (Clinical), this certification is intended to support th...

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...due to low physician satisfaction (KLAS Enterprises, 2010, p. 6). KLAS Enterprises (2010, p. 2) reported Cerner clients were happier the more they adopted CPOE.
Cerner appears to align more with user-friendly MU requirements. However, the cost of Cerner Millennium Powerchart is significantly more. Nonetheless, Cerner is proving to be superior in community hospitals. SMC wants to develop multiple services to their community. After implementation, SMC plans to expand its campus. The multiphase project will include a new four-story addition to the Emergency Department (ED). Above the ED, a cardiac catheter lab will provide critical needs to SMC’s heart patients. Moreover, SMC will add four surgical and four gastrointestinal procedure suites with seven per-operative and four recovery beds. Therefore, Cerner is the best choice for SMC’s immediate and future plans.

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