Essay on Ffacial Expression and Its Connection to Emotion

Essay on Ffacial Expression and Its Connection to Emotion

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Emotion has remained a very debatable topic because although each individual does carry emotion, the many factors that are involved differ from culture to culture. The differences come from the comparison of individualistic cultures and collectivistic cultures. Many studies have shown that Americans have a contrasting expression of emotion when compared to East-Asian cultures, like Japan and China. The importance of value, goals, and motivation play a dominant role in how emotion is expressed in these cultures. The interpretation of emotions leads to differences between cultures as well. An emotion can be claimed as positive to one culture, yet be perceived differently by another culture. The concept of face differs dramatically between East Asian cultures and Western cultures. Human beings tend to have strong emotions when it comes to how well they appear in the eyes of others. Studies have been conducted to examine the effects of face experiences on emotions and self-esteem. Interesting findings have been acknowledged about facial expression and its connection to emotion. Facial expression has been said to be consistent throughout cultures, but is better identified when coming from someone of the same ethnicity. Research has revealed several cultural differences that contain vital information on emotion.
Emotion can be described as any state of mind that an individual experiences that moves them toward action. Those who are raised in an individualistic culture, tend to focus on emotions that will aid them toward self-enhancement and self-esteem. Whereas, those who are from a collectivist culture are encouraged to self-criticize and self-cultivate. This aspect shows how emotion and motivation are tied together. Emotion is depend...

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