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Fertilization and Growth Essay

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In people in order to make a new baby people must have sex and this has advantages over just being clones like bacteria does its process if reproduction. When two people have sex and the egg gets fertilized and becomes a baby they make completely different offspring, so they do not have the same immune system. If every one was just a clone then we could all be wiped out by one virus.
Once the sperm come through the penis into the vagina they have to start swimming or they will die because of the acidic nature of the vagina. The first step they have to go through is the cervixs, which is only open for a few days a month around ovulation which the mucus blocking it become watery and forms channels so the sperm can enter the uterus. Even after this the sperm are still six inches away from their goal which is at least a two day swim for them.
Undulations of the uterus help the sperm along to make a normally two day journey to the fallopian tubes cut down to thirty minutes. Even when they get there, the egg may not even be there or ovulation could not be happening yet. Also only sperm that has an altered outer coating which the women’s body does for the sperm can have a chance of getting in with the egg. Once they get this altered outer coating they can continue in the fallopian tube up to the egg. The eggs support cells only let a select few sperm in to meet the egg. After the sperm are let through they must break through the zona to fertilize the egg, and in order for this to happen proteins on the sperms outer shell must line up perfectly with proteins on the outside of the egg. If this happens the outer shell of the sperm is dissolved and this releases powerful enzymes which put a hole in the zona and allows the sperm to enter th...

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...en then flows through the umbilical cord and into the baby’s blood stream to feed and nurture it. After about 6 months the baby starts to be able to see and hear. A little before the baby is going to be born the mother can not keep up with feeding the baby if the baby does not get out it will begin to starve. The baby exits the mothers womb head first (usually) through the vagina and is born into the world.
The entire process (of the baby growing) is controlled by DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). There is the same DNA in each chromosome but each section of it tells the cell how to construct the body parts and structures. Without DNA the entire process would not be possible because there would be no, “Instructions” on how to complete the process.

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