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Ferguson’s The Christian Life is a invigorating instruction, of elemental precepts of the Christian faith. His nuts and bolts theme reflects an exacting focus upon the fundamentals of the Christian life coupled with encouraging instructions. Ferguson gives us a distillation of Christianity to be faithful, faithful to His Word, in our doctrine, our praxis, in our obedience. Just like our Lord’s testimony Ferguson is able to share an overflowing of Godly wisdom to live a Christian life not only didactic instruction. Ferguson demonstrates the highest levels of confidence in Scripture leading to sharp (Dever, 2016) discernment.
“There have been periods in history when the preservation of the very life of the Church depended upon the capacity and readiness of certain great leaders to differentiate truth from error and boldly to hold fast to the good and to reject the false. But our generation does not like anything of the kind. It is against any clear and precise demarcation of truth and error”

Here, Martyn Lloyd-Jones has described the same judgement skill set as Ferguson’s where he also has averted gross doctrinal misconceptions.

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Straightway Ferguson opens with his insight that there are no shortcuts or bypass to a mystical or special elevated status as believers, this is (DeWaay, 2007) perfectly echoed by De Waay as he describes his learning on the direct biblical path.
“I also came to realize that the wrong-thinking that attracted me to pietism was that I held to a theology based on human ability rather than grace alone. If the “secret” to a higher order Christianity is based on something we discover and implement (the secret to the deeper life), then it makes sense that some Christians could achieve a h...

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...d failures of all the children of God, remembering always that they are themselves greater sinners than are others.”

God’s ultimate purpose is to make us like Christ per Scripture as Ferguson reminds us to be growing in faith. A faith that sees spiritually as Christ has on earth, then taking action to remain faithful to Him. Faithful because our past sin including its shame is forgiven in Christ. Besides it could help to remind Satan when he may remind me of my past that his future is in fire. (Rev. 20:10) In Christ we have a seal of the Holy Spirit, we shall persevere as the elect empowered by His grace. In Ferguson’s work may we gain clarity in the Spirit, alignment to His Word, focused upon Christ to move in faith. It is the presence of God that shall be our greatest joy combined with the wondrous mystery of how we shall share in his glory. (Romans 8:16-17.)

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