Fence Companies in Fort Worth, Texas

Fence Companies in Fort Worth, Texas

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When working with fence companies in Fort Worth TX, the company will do most of the work, however, there are still some things for you to do as well. The following information will help you to understand, what you will be responsible for, and what fence companies in Fort Worth TX will be responsible for. You will also find some helpful information on choosing your fence.

Fence companies in Fort Worth TX, must follow the rules and regulations set forth by the city in which the fence will be erected. This means that if your city has limits for the fence height, you must follow it. Even if you could find fence companies in Fort Worth TX to ignore the regulations and erect the fence to the height you wish, you would likely be fined and forced to alter the fence. This would end up costing you more money. It is wiser to just do it right the first time.

In Fort Worth the regulations state that a fence in the front should of the property should be no higher than four feet high. A fence in the back should be six feet high. You may be able to install a higher fence, but you would need special permission and a permit. If a permit is needed, you must be in possession of the permit before work begins. You cannot apply for a permit over the phone, Internet, or mail, it must be done in person. Usually, the fencing company will take care of the permit. However, check with your particular company to ensure that this is the case.

Once all of the legalities are out of the way, your thoughts should turn to the type of fence you wish to have installed and the materials that you want to use. Fences come in many styles and are constructed out of many materials. Take some time to think about what you wish to accomplish with your fence. Some fences are designed to keep people or pets inside, others are designed to keep prying eyes out, others are used for security purposes.

A chain link fence is considered functional. There is not much that can be done to dress it up. It will not offer privacy, unless you have privacy slats installed. Though these slats are not the best option for homeowners seeking privacy. The slats do not stay in place, the tend to slide down over time.

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They can be ripped out altogether on windy days.

You will often find chain link fences around commercial properties more often than you will find them surrounding residential properties. In some instances barbed wire is used on these types of security fences. There are regulations that pertain to the use of barbed wire in Fort Worth TX. You should check with your zoning board as to the proper placement if you intend to use this on your property.

A better option for residential properties that want privacy is wood or vinyl fencing. Both options are attractive and lend themselves to decorative posts and finials. Wood can be painted or stained in any color that you wish. Vinyl also comes in a variety of colors. Traditionally wooden fences were seen more often than vinyl. However, vinyl is gaining in popularity. This popularity is mainly due to the easy care and low maintenance that it requires.

Ornamental fencing options are something else that a homeowner may want to consider. Wrought iron or decorative aluminum can both be stunning. These fences can be designed to a customers specifications, with posts and finials that follow a certain decorative theme. If you have ever seen a Gothic style house, you have likely seen this type of fencing.

Once you determine the type of fence that you want, you are ready to let your fencing company take over. The company will dig and set the posts. They will then install the panels to complete your fence.

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