The Feminization Of The Black Male Image Essay

The Feminization Of The Black Male Image Essay

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The Feminization of the Black Male Image

One of the problems that blacks have that contributes to our consistent position at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder is our proclivity to engage everything through the lens of emotionalism and individualism. We look at how we feel and how things impact our own personal worldview and lifestyle. We rarely engage any significant issue through a paradigm of collectivism and rationalism. This places us at a significant disadvantage when attempting to evaluate any dilemma that we are facing.
The truth is that there has been a deliberate and consistent campaign to feminize, emasculate and even homosexualize (newly coined) the black male image. Although this extends far beyond the entertainment world, it will do well to keep the focus here for maximum elucidation. I have made it a personal policy not to personally attack any of my black brothers and sisters, unless I identify the fact that they are acting with negligence and clear hostility toward the black collective. So, I will stick to addressing this in general, but I will use a couple of names as benchmarks.
With the exception of Denzel Washington and Dave Chappelle, every other leading black man that can be considered a heavy hitter in Hollywood has been put in a dress and/or makeup at some point in their career, and Mr. Diggs represents the second tier of black male actors on the rise. One must also ask the question, why was it such an issue with Dave Chappelle? Yes, men other than blacks have been put in drag, but one must be aware of the dynamic at play in order to understand why it has a different impact on the black community.
No other group of men in the world have been marginalized more than black men. We are the victims of m...

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...thing is that without the black collective each of these black men remain at the mercy of the white system that supplied their success, and at some point they will be reminded of it. Ask Bill Cosby.
Understand that although black women have the spiritual power to bring about elevation in the black collective, without the masculine energy and leadership of the black man, we will never build the momentum to move forward. This is why there is such a high conscious level in the black community, but no real progress. Not only are we accepting the feminization of the black male image, but we are embracing it as culture and entertainment. Art remains the reflection of human reality; however, art also impacts human reality.
We must shake the emotionalism and individualism, while gaining a lucid perspicacity of what we are up against. Everything is not about entertainment!

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