Essay on The Feminist Theories Of Crime

Essay on The Feminist Theories Of Crime

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Sexual orientation is the focal issue regarding the feminist theories of crime. These theories try to clarify the insufficiency of criminological theories with respect to focusing on women and how the speculations apply to clarifying female criminal conduct. One hypothesis incorporated into the feminist theories of crime is John Hagan’s power-control theory. The production of this theory comes from the women’s liberation movement. All the more critically, the impact that women’s expanded entrance into the workforce had on the gender gap in crime rates (Akers & Sellers, 2009). The power-control theory sets out to clarify the gender contrasts in delinquency focused around the strategic maneuver going on in the family structure, and the parental controls practiced on sons versus daughters. Hagan’s hypothesis can likewise be joined with Gottfredson and Hirschi’s viewpoint of restraint. Both theories include an inclination for going out on a limb because of an absence of self-control. Second, this poise is built by the way of child rearing in the family. While Hirschi and Gottfredson concentrated on parenting being either good or bad, Hagan concentrated on how the balance of force and control between parents influences the child’s inclination for taking risks and delinquency (Ball, Cullen, & Lilly, 2011).
Hagan says that the principle issue in the power-control theory is the mother’s word related power versus the father’s word related power. This force equalization is exemplified through two principle sorts of family: patriarchal and egalitarian. The father’s job in a patriarchal family places him in a “command” role. This implies that he will give orders to others. In this sort of family a mother does not work outside of the home, ho...

... middle of paper ... have in agreement that this analysis will predict the gender gap in delinquency across family sorts for reticulated gender variations.
There is not abundant thought regarding what policy implications would work for the power-control theory, however policies just like those tied to Hirschi’s control theory can be used. Though the power-control theory is not associated with whether or not parenting is good or bad, similar choices can be applied to control delinquency. Hagan has noted that the Big Brother/Big Sister program could be an honorable program in intervening with risky behavior before it becomes a dilemma resulting in delinquent behavior. Teaching parents to be attentive to their gender specific controls ahead of time might also lead them to be more conscious of their parenting and whether or not they encourage one child over the other into risky behavior.

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