Essay about Feminist Studies : Can Bring About Some Thought?

Essay about Feminist Studies : Can Bring About Some Thought?

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Masculinity is a subject that has been debated in our society for quite some time. Many wonder what it means to be masculine, as it is difficult to define this one –sided term. Pairing this already controversial term with “feminist studies” can bring about some thought - provoking conversation. Feminist studies of men have been around for many years with regards to the feminist movement. It seeks to create gradual improvements to society through its main principle of modifying the ways in which everyone views what it means to be a man. Feminist studies of men bring forth the discussion of hegemonic masculinity; how this contributes to the gender hierarchy, the radicalized glass escalator and ultimately the faults of this theory.
When learning about feminist studies of men, I was not too sure how it related to the whole theme of the feminist movement. I came to conclusion that it aims to alter the ways in which people view men in terms of the definition of masculinity. Thus emphasizing that not all men need to conform to the term, allowing them to acquire such feminine qualities and characteristics and vise versa. When it comes to transforming masculinity, hegemonic masculinity – the dominance of industrial and political power and cultural values by elite men (Lorber, 2012, p.254). Is the main concept that needs to be looked at. As indicated by Connell, hegemonic masculinity excludes individuals who are not viewed as "manly" or "masculine", in particular women but rather likewise other men, for example, gay men (Talahite – Moodley, 2016). It is based on, embodied practices, like proficient physical activity which becomes a prime indicator of masculinity. This is a key approach in how heterosexuality and manliness are connected i...

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When looking at feminist studies of men, it is a very difficult and in that confusing topic. Many questions can be asked, though mainly, why don’t women benefit as men do from being gender conformed? In response to Lorber, I agree that feminist studies of men find hegemonic masculinity gives rules for masculinity through social construct and that men seem to always come out on top – economically. Although, I do in fact disagree that this in not how society should be. Men and women should have equal opportunities and allowed to act as they wish without having to conform to specific characteristics in terms of gender. When it comes to men, many of the things they have are more often than not handed to them. If we want to improve society and the way men are viewed, women either have to push harder or hegemonic men who should be willing to give up their dominance.

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