Essay on The Feminist Perspective, Conflict Theory

Essay on The Feminist Perspective, Conflict Theory

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Erin Gruwell began her teaching career at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California where the school is integrated but it’s not working. Mrs. Gruwell is teaching a class fill with at-risk teenagers that are not interested in learning. But she makes not give up, instead she inspires her students to take an interest in their education and planning for their future as she assigned materials that can relate to their lives. This film has observed many social issues and connected to one of the sociological perspective, conflict theory. Freedom Writers have been constructed in a way that it promotes an idea of how the community where the student lives, represented as a racially acceptable society. The film upholds strong stereotypes of people within the different races where social realism is created as they deal with issues such as racism, violence, poverty, gang related crime and terrorism. There are multiple scenes that are related to different types of social issues, for example, where in the scene there a racist drawing of Jamal passed around in class. Erin Gruwell is horrified when she realized what going on and makes a lesson about its similarity to the propaganda of the Nazis. This scene experience the racism and violence due to racial profiling caused by the human society. This relates to the conflict theory because there are some tension and struggle between the students in the Gruwell’s class. The students struggle to get along because of their race, ethnic, etc. and after the incident on the racist image of Jamal, Ms. Gruwell sends a message to her classroom that their lives are not that bad as she does it harshly by related it to the lives of the Jews in the holocaust. In one of the class discussion we had this se...

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...white and does not live a harsh life. In a way, poverty is connected to gang life because they want to feel protected, and wanted. Keep in mind, the students were taught to be violent if someone crosses their gang and do anything to protect their “turf”. Although this movie show how Gruwell can change the way her students interact with one or another, she couldn’t do it for the entire school, which can give us a good look what poverty can do to children.
Envision the students who do not have a teacher like Gruwell to get along and bring out their future. They were label off with no one to look after them before they took up to the gang. They stay in gangs and carry violence into the school because they do not know anything better and because of that no one believes in them, which results in hard to believe in themselves. In their minds, they do not have a choice.

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