The Feminist Manifesto By Mina Loy Essay

The Feminist Manifesto By Mina Loy Essay

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At first glance of her title, Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” sounds as if it will proceed to be a feminist’s take on how to acquire gender equality. The feminist movement was a progressively rising organization, made mostly of women, who dedicated their lives to liberate society of patriarchal supremacy. Although Loy writes a manifesto about feminism, she does not define herself as a feminist. In fact, she, as well as many other women who did consider themselves to be feminists, married and produced children of their own. So, how could Loy compose an argument for feminists, if she did align not herself with them or define herself as feminist? Because she is a woman, and she is also tired of hearing the false perceptions of women being thrown around; she rejects the flawed gender constructs. In the hope of addressing and also instituting a solution to this problem, her manifesto critiques the women involved in the feminist movement, who she believes only desires to obtain equality. Women should eliminate the sensation of desire, especially the desire to be loved, because desires are only needs that are triggered by emotional intensity. Loy demands women to make themselves less desirable and resist the desire to be loved, so that they can establish a new female identity; She declares that women “must destroy in themselves, the desire to be loved” (155) by reducing love to its original form, that removes all of the “honour, grief, sentimentality, pride & jealously” (156).
Because of the established gender roles that society has placed upon men and women, Mina Loy insinuates that tradition has caused women to believe they are inferior to men, which subsequently led to desire. Their desires would start to increase, because they woul...

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...hy, but when did virginity become something only women should uphold? By ridding one’s virginity, a woman is able to marry and be married to whoever, because her merit will not be able to be judged based on knowing about her past sexual relationships. Loy concludes her manifesto by affirming that “there is nothing impure in sex—except in the mental attitude to it” (156) and only through the elimination of the conformities of love and marriage can “the realisation in defiance of superstition that there is nothing impure in sex—except in the mental attitude to it—will constitute an incalculable & wider social regeneration than it is possible for our generation to imagine” (156). Mina Loy’s final words in “Feminist Manifesto create an echo for the female reader to “be Brave” (153) and seek the self-sufficiency they are looking to gain by first looking within themselves.

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