Feminist Approaches And Perspectives On Gender Essay

Feminist Approaches And Perspectives On Gender Essay

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Feminist approaches and perspectives on gender
The two articles by Reed (1999) troubling boys and disturbing discourses and by Ringrose (2007) gender and education. Both of these articles highlight how gender plays a role in education. For example, it shows how girls outplay boys in exams.
Feminist believe that society is dominated by males as in the past women have been disadvantaged in the society and men had power. In schools girls studied subjects like cookery that helped them to become a good housewife and a mother (Trueman, 2015). Feminist believed that this was wrong and changes were needed. All the feminist theories focused on the differences between men and women and how problems can be solved. Feminist believe that education can help make changes in society and help to get rid of the ideology that only men can have power. This has all changed now because in schools they teach girls and boys the same subjects like Maths, English and Science. Although, cookery is still being taught in schools but it 's aimed at boys and girls. This shows that girls are being treated equally.
In the article by Reed (1999) it shows that there is a massive gap between GCSE grades of girls and boys. For example, in 1995 48.1% girls achieved GCSE grades A*-C whereas 39% boys achieved A*-C grade. This shows how well girls performed in all of the subjects that were aimed at boys. Emotions can affect boys from performing well in their exams. This is because anxiety and stress can affect the way a child thinks, this is why when children often misread the question (Education Scotland, n.d.). This might be the reason why some boys underachieve in exams. This shows that emotions play a role in the way the child learns so to be successful it is import...

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... different sex than they are because God has created them and individuals should accept what sex they are born in. However, Butler states that sex causes gender. This links to Reay 's (2001)article which shows that girls position themselves according to the friendship group they are in and it also shows that the nice girls are well behaved and hard working, but they do get bullied and get class as boring (Reay, 2002). Some girls act like tomboys as they feel that boys are superior. Whereas, girls act stupid and girlie. This links to Kohlberg 's theory on gender. For example, Kohlberg states that stage one is when a child is 2-3 years old and they are able to label themselves as boys and girls based on their appearance. However, this changes when children pass the third stage of gender consistency. In this stage children believe that gender can change (Sammons, n.d.).

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