Feminist Analysis of Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy Essay

Feminist Analysis of Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy Essay

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Anna Karenina is a novel by the prominent Russian author Leo Tolstoy. It was published in serial installments between 1873 and 1877. Tolstoy himself claimed that Anna Karenina was his first novel. Despite criticism that the novel was indeed two separate novels, there was much acclaim. Fellow Russian author Dostoevsky hailed it as “a flawless work of art” (En8848.com.cn).
Despite the criticism that Anna Karenina is actually two novels, Tolstoy insisted that it is one novel. Although certain characters hardly ever interact, they are still aware of each other and one’s actions have even the smallest influence on the other.
The Oblonsky family of Moscow is under a large amount of stress due to adultery. Dolly Oblonskaya has found out her husband, Stiva, is having an affair with their children’s former governess, and seriously considers divorcing him. Stiva is slightly regretful, but is none the less trying to maintain his composure. Stiva’s sister Anna Karenina arrives at the Oblonsky estate to act as a mediator.
While all this is going on, Dolly’s younger sister, Kitty, is in the process of being courted by two potential suitors: Levin, an awkward landowner, and Alexei Vronsky, a dashing military officer. Kitty ends up opting for the good life and turns down Levin in favor of Vronsky. Shortly afterwards Vronsky meets Anna and becomes infatuated with Anna instead of Kitty. This devastates Kitty, who promptly falls ill. Levin, who becomes depressed after Kitty denies his advances, retires to his country estate. Anna too finds herself to possibly love Vronsky, but after some deep thought, she disregards this as nothing more than a crush.
Unbeknownst to Anna, Vronsky has followed her, and their mutual feelings intensify. Anna starts...

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...at novel.

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