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Throughout the 19th century, feminism played a huge role in society and women’s everyday lifestyle. Women had been living in a very restrictive society, and soon became tired of being told how they could and couldn’t live their lives. Soon, they all realized that they didn’t have to take it anymore, and as a whole they had enough power to make a change. That is when feminism started to change women’s roles in society. Before, women had little to no rights, while men, on the other hand, had all the rights. The feminist movement helped earn women the right to vote, but even then it wasn’t enough to get accepted into the workforce. They were given the strength to fight by the journey for equality and social justice. There has been known to be three waves of feminism, each wave fighting for a different issue concerning women’s rights. Over the past century women have been accepted into more and more roles in society as time went on. Finally in the Twenty-first century, women have achieved a lot of the equality they have always deserved. There has been many gains for women, but there is still a little ways to go. The Feminist Movement guided and changed the lives of women in today’s society. This movement not only gave women today equal rights and more privileges, but it also changed women’s roles in society greatly.
The first wave of feminism in 1848 was the beginning of the women’s movement in America. It was known as the suffrage movement because of the goal of extending the vote to women. In the 1800s women had little to no control of their lives. The average married female had seven children. Higher education was not allowed for women, but some wealthier women could bend the limits of authority. In 1860, New York passed a Married...

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...right. The Feminist Movement propelled the civil rights movement, it helped women stand up against discrimination and inequality. Women are now not just restricted to the household and pleasing their families, they can make a living for themselves, while being independent. It helped women stand up against rape culture, sexual assault, and harassment. The Feminist Movement led way for many equality fights, such as gay marriage. Now thirty-six states in the U.S. legally allow gay marriage. We have come a long way, and for the first time in American history three women are sitting on the highest bench. Feminism has not only opened up new doors to women, but to many others who seek justice. There will continue to be new doors opened if everyone keeps fighting for what’s right.

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