Essay on Feminism : The Qualities Of A Woman

Essay on Feminism : The Qualities Of A Woman

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What is your definition of feminism? My definition of feminism are the qualities of a woman. There are different styles of writing: romanticism, Victorian and modernism. Anna Letitia “Barbauld was born in 1743 into provincial dissent, that cradle of so many key voices of the Enlightenment. Her father taught first at a school and then an academy, coaching lads whose refusal to swear to the 39 articles meant they were barred from the ancient universities” (Hughes p.792). Mina Loy, who was born in London, both parents where from different places, a Protestant mother and a Jewish Father; She was an experimental poet whose writing of lyrics and long poems created a stir, because it demonstrated the work of literary, linguistic and sexual Iconoclasm, before that she had interest in the visual arts. (Loy p. 2077). Both Barbauld wrote in modernism literature and Loy wrote in romantic literature, but both wrote about similar topics; their poems elaborated on, the character of femininity and morality.
First, the poem “The Rights of Woman” written by Anna Letitia Barbauld falls into the period of Wartime, including going in detail of femininity. The poem illustrates the true meaning of how women should stand up for what they believe in, explaining how an “injured woman!” should “rise” and “assert their right” (Barbauld p.48). Reading these words anywhere will give you a reason to fight for your right; it will make you confident and give you hope for a better life. The women and men that supported the rights of women probably felt an awakening inside them, because these were words of encourage, even though it was a short line from the poem. On the other hand Mina Loy wrote a poem that was not even fully published; she had written it and aft...

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...n. Men will still be in control, and women will still belittle themselves in the eyes of men. Both poems have meanings that would impact an individual in a huge way and possibly change the way they see life. I related to the rights of woman more because growing up I have watched my mother suffer all because she fell in love with a man of her children. It showed that sometimes women forget that without a man they can become more, only if the man is not supporting her. There are so many broken families because men disrespect a woman when she does not go to school, this is why I relate to the poem. In addition to that the more reason I relate to it is that I was told that “you will never become anybody” (Modupe). Reading this poem gave me more courage to become somebody even better in this world, I encourage you to read these two poems too, and the words are very rich.

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