Feminism, The New F Word Essay

Feminism, The New F Word Essay

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Feminism, The New F-Word
Gender equality, equality of the sexes, gender egalitarianism, or equality of the genders, is the belief that men and women should receive equal rights, and live without the fear of prejudice and discrimination regardless of their sex. Feminism, a controversial topic in today’s society, is of the same meaning. Feminism has lost meaning and instead, become synonymous with man-hating. This is a fallacy. In comparison, it would seem quite absurd to suggest that those who question fast food hate the children working behind the counter at McDonalds. In our society, feminists are seen as radical, too strong, too aggressive and too forceful. As the push for feminism intensifies around the world, it’s important that we understand that it is not the word, it’s the ambition behind it.
To begin, what really is the difference between males and females? The answer, a chromosome, one singular chromosome, an X instead of a Y, a Y instead of an X. One chromosome does not determine the worth of one’s opinion nor the superiority of those who share it. Does this justify superiority, gender inequality, unequal treatment, and inferiority of another gender based on a set of preconceived ideas?
Prejudice, discrimination and antagonism directed against an individual or group of individuals based on the belief that one’s own self is superior, In reality, has been going on for centuries. Sexism? Racism? Ageism? Classism? Ableism? Heterosexism? Linguism? Think back to around 1942, anti-semitism, Hitler and the Jews. As a society, as a nation, as a globe, did we not learn anything from this? Were the Jews any less important? In the gas chambers, in the shallow graves, starving to death in concentration camps, was it their fault? Ho...

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... needed equality, she needed fair and equal treatment of both genders. To her, and the millions of others just like her, I say I am truly sorry. So you are not a feminist? Not a supporter of equal rights? Tell me then, what would you say to the millions of young girls, children, suffering at the hands of patriarchal oppression? What would you do if it were your child?
A wise, young feminist and Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women by the name of Emma Watson gave an incredible speech in September of 2014 addressing the issue that is gender equality. In her speech she stated, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”. It is time to do something about the issue of gender equality. Whether it’s for your sister, your mother, your niece, your best friend or your great great grandmother, that time is now.
I believe in equality. I believe in men. I believe in women. I believe in us.

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