Feminism : Social, Economic, And Political World Essay

Feminism : Social, Economic, And Political World Essay

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Feminism is the belief in social, economic, and political equality between men and women. For many years women have strived for equality with men, and feminism is helping women to achieve that mark. The issue of feminism has been a part of the culture since the American Revolution, which will be discussed. Feminism is helping the world to expand its growth by providing equal opportunities to both men and women. There has been a drastic change due to feminist approaches to problems faced by women in the social, economic, and political world. So the progress of women from ‘homemakers’ to ‘breadwinners’ is an answer to gender inequality, which indeed existed in society but is now being slowly demolished by feminist approaches.

The male view of the social world has overlooked the rights of women, and has always doubted if women are identical to men. Women before were not allowed to work, as their social status was described as a housewife. They were not allowed to take active part in activities outside the home, as they were considered incapable of doing that work. ‘Housewife status women’ have been a part of the culture for many years, and are still a part of some cultures around the world. Saudi women are the best case for social feminism. Saudi women are still not allowed to drive, nor are they allowed to travel alone. Many efforts have been made to ease the suppression, but the Saudi government has dismissed all appeals.

Women were not allowed to attend college nor attain higher education due to their duties at home. But, the feminist approaches towards education have made women more focused towards their education and career. In 2012, 38 percent of women between 25-64 held college degrees, compared with 11 percent in 1970....

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... 0% to 20% from 1st to 114th Congress to date. So, women taking part in politics has increased, and it is going to help the nation grow, as both men and women will be taking active part in national decisions.

When it comes to the effects of feminist approaches there have been a lot of significant changes towards women gaining equality in all aspects of the world. Feminism has been an important aspect to change the world. Whether it is in academics, where more women are tilting towards their education and career, then just focusing on their social life. Or in the labor and economic market, where women are managing leadership positions well. Or in politics, where there were more women voter then men in the last presidential election. Even though women have a come a long way to achieve this, there are still some ways to go in order to protect the dignity of all women.

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