Essay on Feminism, Radical And Marxist Feminism

Essay on Feminism, Radical And Marxist Feminism

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Feminism is a rather complex idea since it does not have just one simple definition, but it can be divided into different perspectives and ideas. This essay will explore those diverse strands of feminism, such as liberal feminism, radical and Marxist feminism, and also postmodern feminism. The main focus is to understand the origins of this movement, as well as the links it has with sociology and criminology.

As Hannam (2012) states, the word "féminisme" first appeared in political debates in the late 18th century in France with the meaning of women 's emancipation. Some women started to ask to be heard at the end of this century thanks to the political and economic changes. In 1804, the author continues, the Napoleonic Code was introduced and it subordinated women to men in marriage; in Britain, a similar framework of laws was used and it viewed men as the owners of women, their properties, and earnings, it also denied the majority of rights over children. During the mid-19th century, women organised groups (LeGates, 2001) with the aim of challenging their position and improve their lives (Hannam, 2012). Their task was difficult because they had almost everyone against them: law, religion, economics and politics. With the beginning of industrialization, women 's emancipation was seen as an essential stage in the liberalization of society (LeGates, 2001). In order to change their positions, Hannam (2012) indicates, women needed the right to vote. The first women 's suffrage organisations were created in the 1860s and by 1920 women gained the vote in most countries in Europe. This first part of the feminist movement is called “first wave feminism”, the second one started in the 1960s-1970s and Hannam (2012) depicts the episode in ...

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...refore, the issue is the capitalism and in order to solve the crime problem, a new system is needed. In this new economic system, women should work with men, housework and childcare should be socialized, and marriage and sexual relationships should not be private property relations. Renzetti continues, declaring that radical feminism in criminology focuses more on women seen as victims. It studies the causes and consequences of violence against women and the failure of the criminal justice system to protect them. The attention is principally on the fact that perpetration of and victimization by violent crime is gendered (Renzetti, 2013).

In conclusion, feminism has different faces and it is made of different views, opinions and concerns, thus it is difficult to define feminism. Moreover, every strand of feminism has its own ideas on crime and how it can be explained.

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