Essay on Feminism : My Brother And I

Essay on Feminism : My Brother And I

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I have to start by saying that I found this topic very interesting. My brother and I (both latino males) were having a discussion about feminism a couple of weeks ago. He held the idea that feminism was in itself discriminatory towards men since it only sought to profit women. I replied to this by taking the stance that you mention in the paper, which was that feminism really just meant equality between men and women. Nevertheless, he said that how come they just don’t call themselves egalitarian, since that is the term which refers to all people being equal and deserving equal rights. I responded to this by talking about equating the feminist movement to a movement which we both agreed with, the black lives matter movement. I explained that just as black lives matter doesn’t mean all other lives don’t matter, feminism doesn’t itself say men’s rights don’t matter. My brother obtained Bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and in Literature which lead me to think he would have equated feminism with the operational definition that you used in your research, but he didn’t. In fact, before taking my women and crime class at UNLV I didn’t have a clear definition of what being a feminist really was, and would have taken my brother’s posture if asked about it. Therefore I loved the fact that research is being done in different ethnicities to spread the awareness of what it truly is to be a feminist. I would like to give feedback in my perspectives of some of your findings and conclusions.
Firstly, I want to address why I believe in the endorse nontraditional gender roles category Latinas/os stood out. From personal experience I know there is a generational shift going on between my parents/grandparent’s generation and mine. Moreover, as...

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...t to be a feminist. I remember she told us of an experience she had where her professor asked her class who considered themselves a feminists. When this happened no one really raised their hands, however, when he asked who thinks there should be equality between men and women everyone raised their hand. He proceeded to call them all feminists since that’s what feminism was really about. Thats when I realized that feminism wasn’t really anything against men, rather a fight for equality as well. Now whenever I hear any of my friends talking negatively about feminists I proceed to ask them if they consider there should be equality no matter what gender you are and if they reply yes, I call them feminists. Even though I didn’t acquire my feminist identity in order to counteract hegemonic masculinity, it makes a lot of sense that many men, specially hispanic men, would.

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