Essay on The Feminism Movement : An Era Of Activism And Reform

Essay on The Feminism Movement : An Era Of Activism And Reform

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The 60’s Feminism movement shifted women from husband-income dependent to career developing independents. Some claim that women only believed they had shifted their unpaid domestic work life into the world of corporate servitude and unknowingly doubled their workload as they still came home to domestic chores. So the Feminist agenda continued as New Left and Civil rights movements began to emerge: an era of activism and reform enticed women to join, but these movements were widely patriarchal and provided no accurate voice for female activist. Communes with wide ranges of goals and objective arose to try and create a new system of living. Back-to-the-land communes were created to establish a space that was in harmony with the environment, independent of governmental and corporate rule. Even though communes did eschew the traditional family structure in many ways, “simple living” is not that simple and it challenged notions of domesticity and gender roles. Because of these gendered inequalities many women sought out a new form of feminism called Back-to-the-land-feminism.
The majority of Communes were created as a way to liberate people from the traditional way of life. For many women though this movement was a step back in the feminist agenda. Most Back-to-the-land farms and communes heavily relied on traditional gendered work; men did the heavy lifting, machine work, and labor-intensive jobs, while women tended to domestic work and child-care. Women and men would work on gardening and animal care the same yet women still felt a disproportionate burden of work. The division of labor was unsatisfactory within the back the land movement: one women claimed in Jeffery Jacob’s, author of New Pioneers: the Back-to-the-land movement and...

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... the movement. But Jessica Louise Lynn claims that there is a possibility even the separation experienced in women’s communes could have negative effects as it pushes women farther from being an individual: they “tie the individual to her identity as a women” (Lynn 43). Another contrasting point is that many educated Northern Italian women found “farm life to be accommodating to that skills, interest, and knowledge” provided from their schooling (Wilbur). Yet Back-to-the-land Feminists have been fairly successful through methods of separation and unity seen in modern organizations like Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture for example. And while “Norwegian agriculture today is undeniably male dominated, female farmers are more likely to be represented in organic farming” showing that women in the Back-to-the-land movement can be successful (Villa and Daugstad).

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