Feminism, Marxism, Method And The State, And Sheila Jeffreys 's ' The Industrial Vagina '

Feminism, Marxism, Method And The State, And Sheila Jeffreys 's ' The Industrial Vagina '

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The readings by Catharine McKinnon “Feminism, Marxism, Method and the State” and Sheila Jeffreys’’ The Industrial Vagina’’ address the topics of Feminism and Marxism. Marxism, feminism, and heterosexuality are theories of power because they generate inequality. Marxism deprives one the ability to work and feminism deprives one from their sexuality and all its entitlements. As a result, these terms delineate both accounts against the conception of lack of power. Furthermore, such deprivation is an infringement of Human rights.
In the reading; Feminism, Marxism, Method and the state by Catharine McKinnon, she contends that both Marxism and feminism illustrate how social arrangements of inequality can be viewed as internally logical yet they are unjust. Both accounts accuse each other of seeking terms that will change and appease one another without addressing the ground roots of each terms discontentment. To elaborate, she analyzes both critics and arguments constructed in both terms. Marxism holds against feminism is that; feminism is a seen as a theory and practice that only works in the interest of the ruling class. Marxism argues that to analyze society in terms of sexuality ignores class divisions among women, even more, separates and divides the lower class. Furthermore, such efforts to eliminate barriers towards women’s access to certain necessities, without regard to sex are to be viewed as liberal and individualistic.
Moreover, the reading by Sheila Jeffrey’s ' 'The Industrial Vagina’ ' centralizes its arguments in its critique of prostitution. In the beginning of the reading, she is bewildered as to how prostitution used to be seen as an example of women 's subordination which was thought would cease when women would gain...

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...han men, which has the side-effect of dragging down wages generally. This means that the State is forced to provide services to facilitate women’s jobs or allow them to offload some of their responsibilities. Then when they no longer require women’s labour, they send them home, back to their “proper place” in patriarchal terms.
On the other hand, topics such as neoliberalism and bio power are terms to consider with thin Marxism and feminism. Neoliberalism, in the sense whereby since men are considered to be economic purveyors, as a result they produce more. Thus, since the produce more in society, they are highly regarded and have value before the eyes of the state. Hence, with regarding to bio power men are already in a hierarchy of power. Therefore they have the ability to affect the institutions vice versa, because of the supposing power thrusted upon them.

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