Feminism Is The Advocacy Of A Woman 's Body Essays

Feminism Is The Advocacy Of A Woman 's Body Essays

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Feminism is a word that has been given a bad name over time. Today in media we have made fun of it and have even come up with a counter word to mock everything feminism stands for: meninism. Feminism is the advocacy of a women rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to man. Why stop there? Every man and woman needs to be able to have the same rights everywhere. Many men and woman are oppressed because of the lack of feminism today. Feminism would affect millions all over the world including males, and transgender. Objectification of a woman’s body, school dress codes, rape cases, transgender issues, and even males who have dealt with the oppressions of today’s society, all play into the factors regarding to feminism. Issues such as the rights to a woman’s own body, the right for both genders to wear whatever they like, and the right to be with whoever still need to be addressed and fixed. The article Feminism also suggest these issues a needing to be addressed, “…while enjoying the gains established earlier in the movement, turned their attention to issues such as reproductive rights, forced marriage, or wearing of the hijab (head covering for Muslim women)” ( "Feminism”). When we think of a woman not being able to have control of her own body we usually think of ancient times.

In ancient times people have objectified a woman’s body and it is still in everyday society without us even realizing it. The music we listen to, magazines, billboards, news, and even on the streets all somehow objectify a woman’s body. We show so much of the naked female body that it is normal for young girls to think it’s alright. All the media effects how we see and treat women and young girls. Slangs like “thot” an...

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...ting the wrong attention and making other customers uncomfortable. (“Mother Alleges Restaurant Kicked Her out for Breastfeeding") Shortly after the incident was gaining the negative attention to the restaurant, the manager apologized and made the statement that Logan’s Roadhouse was a newly mother friendly restaurant.
Feminism is needed for many things and is not just women’s rights. It focuses on women’s rights but also brings attention to problems of all genders. As it is given a bad name, feminism is probably one of the most needed ideas all over the world. Progression of rights are needed and this idea brings them to focus. Finally there is an idea where many people can become equal. So the final question is, do we jump on the opportunity to try and fix and make things equal or do we push it away with counter words and false ideas of what is really helping us?

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