Feminism : Is Feminism Still Relevant? Essay

Feminism : Is Feminism Still Relevant? Essay

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We live in a world where feminism exist. It has existed for many years now. The questions at hand are “Is feminism still relevant?” and “How do young women view feminism?” In order to answer these questions you first have to define the word feminism. I am sure there are many different opinions and facts on the topic. As a young women myself, I plan to explain how I view feminism versus other young women today. With that being said I will give you my opinions and state some facts further along in the essay.
Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is a theory that both sexes should share politic, social and economic equality. Sally Scholz stated in Feminism: A Beginners Guide that Feminism is a critical project. It looks at all aspects of life to identify those elements that might be oppressive and suggest alternatives. (1) Feminism is divided into three waves. The first wave started in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the second started in the 1960s and 1970s, and the third started in the 1990s and is still active today.
The beginning of the feminist movement in the 19th century was the first wave of feminism. The struggles of wanting to win the vote and gain political and legal equality dominated the early feminist movement. The feminist movement at the time mostly consisted of upper- and middle-class women. Many of the movements purposely excluded African Americans and other minorities. The modern feminist movement began with a women 's rights convention at Seneca Falls, New York, on July 19th and 20th in 1848. This was the first movement where women gathered together to demand the right to vote. The first wave ended when women won the right to vote with ...

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