Essay about Feminism Is Equal Opportunities And Rights

Essay about Feminism Is Equal Opportunities And Rights

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Merriam-Webster defines feminism as equal opportunities and rights regardless of gender
and as organized activity advocating women’s interests and rights (Merriam-Webster, 2015).
Though this simple definition gives a broad understanding of what the word feminism
aggregates, what feminism means to each individual is far more multifarious. In this short
reflection I will explore what feminism means to me by considering two feminist postings, one
that resonates with me and another that challenges my beliefs.
The first post I chose is entitled “12 Personal Rights Women Have in Intimate
Relationships”. It begins by the author delineating how culture trains women, herself included, to
believe a woman’s needs are never to be placed first. Moreover, a woman sacrificing her needs
in order to prioritize her partner’s or children’s needs is not only considered the norm, but is also
expected and admired (Brown, 2016). This post “spoke” to me almost immediately as it mirrors
some widely expressed views within my own family and community. I was born, raised, and
now reside in western Kentucky. Kentucky is regarded a southern state and southern living can
strongly dictate what women’s roles should be. Much of what the author wrote regarding
women’s relationship roles and identity replicate what I see within my own environment.
To better explain why this post resonated with me, I’d like to share a couple personal
experiences relatable to this post. Like many in my community, my entire family came together
every Sunday to eat and every meal the men always ate first. After preparing the meal, my
grandmother, mother, and aunts would wait in the living room until the men finished their meal
before eating themselves. To my knowledge, this practice was...

... middle of paper ...

...l outlooks stand as a barrier between myself
and patients with opposing opinions. I want to form trusting, unbiased, relationships with all
patients regardless of contradictory views. I cannot say I would rally with other feminist women
in support of abortion, but I do wish to empower all women by assisting them in exploring all of
their options. I want to provide women patients with enough information so they feel
comfortable with making a decision they can fully support even if I do not.
Though I do not totally agree with everything feminism has come to stand for, I would
still identify myself as a feminist. In essence I believe feminism to be equal opportunity to all
regardless of gender, a celebration of the power of women, and expectation of a better future. I
hope as a provider I am able to use these views as a way to empower the women I will have
under my care.

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