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Feminism in Music Essay

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When one hears the word “feminist”, many different things may come to mind. One may think of the “bra burning” feminists of the 1960s or the “riot grrrl” feminists of the 1990s. It can bring to mind issues such as abortion, birth control, and unfair wages. There are many different aspects of feminism, some of which are understood only by those involved in the movement. But like most things people are passionate about, feminism has held a strong place in music since its very beginning, and can be seen in its festivals, its politics, and in the average American’s everyday life.
The textbook definition of feminism is “a doctrine that advocates equal rights for women” (WordNet, 2010). While this is correct, there is much more to it than that. Different feminists may hold different beliefs or place more importance on different issues. There is no “correct” way to be a feminist. Beliefs may depend on a feminist’s religion, political views, race, or many other factors. For example, some feminists may have no problem with pornography, while others may strongly oppose it. No two feminists hold exactly the same beliefs. But the overall universal belief held by feminists is that women should be treated equally and fairly.
Feminist beliefs have been around for centuries. However, the first real “wave” of feminism occurred in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (History, 2010). This wave focused mainly on women’s suffrage, which was achieved in 1920.
The second wave of feminism came about in the 1960s and lasted into the early 1980s (History, 2010). This movement focused on many issues of equality in culture, politics, and many other areas. While this wave is often associated with bra burning, this is an exaggeration that actually ...

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