Feminism And The Sociological Framework Of The Modern Day Culture, Media, And Consumption

Feminism And The Sociological Framework Of The Modern Day Culture, Media, And Consumption

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Being a feminist today has altered from a political position to a more general position. Contemporary feminist is shaped by the past, but now is integrated in popular culture by popular figures. The definition of feminism is the belief of social, political, and economic rights, especially with regards of equality of the sexes. There are many dimensions to being a feminist and we have a tremendous number of people supporting the feminist movement. The need for feminist movements is because gender inequality still exist. Gender inequality is very broad and complex topic. Both men and women are unequal in various ways. However, the big question is why? The purpose of this paper is to understand gender inequality in the sociological framework of the modern day culture, media, and consumption. After exploring gender inequality in the past, the different forms and degrees across societies will be discussed. Furthermore, gender ideology,policy review in regards to both men and women, and the role of modern day feminist will also be discussed.
Dated back to the 1965, women and men had common roles. “Inequality in household labor is linked to inequalities in the labor market and vice versa/Men 's and women’s mix of housework and paid work not only determines their daily experience of life but also affects their economic standing and social relationships” ( Hook 2010). Sociologist don’t see gender as a biological difference, but as “a social position which has set a social arrangements that are built around normative sex categories” Inequality between men and women in the middle of the 20th century was because there were social control and social regulation for daily lives,expectations, and the building blocks of society. (Conley 2015). G...

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...established in the 1960s because of socialization. Through the decades women started gaining exposure for their ability to succeed in the workplace and in school. However their presence only made the inequality more prominent. Feminist movements in the past emphasize rights for political and economic positions, but in modern day, feminist movements are advocating to end sexual assault and rights to their own bodies. Feminism are in different forms. Gender Ideology provides beliefs, theories, and idea for why gender inequality exist. Informal and formal policies create gender issue by segregating genders and implement stereotypes. Across the globe gender equality pose as a problems especially in religion. Gender inequality would be very difficult to banish. However, one solution to decrease gender conflict could be having the gender the differences balance out.

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