Feminism And The Hip Hop Industry Essay

Feminism And The Hip Hop Industry Essay

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Will sexism ever come to an end in today’s society? Are women going to let men step all over them? Jennifer Mclune discusses in her article, Hip-Hops Betrayal on Black Women, how black male singers objectify and degrade black females in the music industry. The purpose of this article is to show how black women are being deceived in the hip hop industry and being used as sex symbols instead of showing them for their true colors. Mclune (2015) voices her strong argument in attracting her audience by using ethos, tones, and the use of word choices.
Mclune (2015) is an African American woman who is opposed to sexism on black on females in the hip –hop culture and wants this nonsense to come to an end once and for all. As a Black lady, Mclune (2015) voices and reveals her angry and frustration in her article. Mclune (2015) discusses how black women are frowned upon by hip-hop male singers in the music industry and the affects this has on the women. The hip-hip male singers do this by showing black women as sex symbols, objects, and baby mommas. By being objectified, the black females will always feel fragile and not as equal to men. Mclune (2015) provides examples in a response from Kevin Powell on how the hip- hop culture dehumanizes the African American females in their lyrics and videos. Unfortunately, sexism will always be the ticket to success in the music culture (Mclune, 2015, p, 224). If this bigotry does not come to an end, black females will continue to be the absolute failures.
This article is intended for an adult audience who are interested in the hip-hop industry. “Are black women the guilty parties behind men’s experience of racism and poverty” (Mclune, 2015, p.224). This example that Mclune (2015) provides i...

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...ication and degradation on black females in the hip-hop industry. Mclune (2015) voices a strong argument on how black males dehumanize and symbolize black females in the hip-hop industry. Altogether ,she had a suitable argument, but she lacked the knowledge of providing other races in the hip-hop industry and other music genres’ that prejudice women. The fact that the women in the music mainstream know what they are getting themselves into; and they still let the men be above them. This just proves that the Women want to be symbolized as hot mommas, lying on the bed with their two piece lingerie. By women alluring themselves to be objectified by men in the music industry or in any atmosphere they want the men’s devotion and affection towards them. It makes the women feel sexy and recognized. This is shameful to say, but this is the reality of the hip hop industry.

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