Feminism And The First Wave Of Feminism Essay examples

Feminism And The First Wave Of Feminism Essay examples

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Feminism is known as an organized movement that aims to achieve equality a most women and men in society. Feminism within American history can be categorized into 3 phases; Women Suffrage, Social and Civil Rights, and the current wave which appeal to a number of different social and political avenues. The ideology of equality of amongst women in America had become enormously popular in the 19th century which helped assist the start of the Women 's Suffrage movement; this movement main objective was getting women the right to vote and a number of other things. As feminism continued to grow people within society began to come to the realization that women across America and around the world were being oppressed. The second wave of Feminism is known to be started around the 1950s it focused on the political equality, economic advancement and social rights among women in the American society. The modern wave of Feminism movement focuses on domestic violence, professional inequality, feminism among other races, and also the discrimination among lesbian. Although the phrases are different in many aspects the core motivation behind the feminism movement continues to remains which are equality amongst women alongside their male counterpart.

The First Wave of feminism began in the late 18th century and continued into the early 19th century. It helped establish the core framework of the current feminism movement of the 21st century. The movement started at Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, N.Y., The Seneca Falls Convention lead by Lucretia Mott and it help establish a doctrine of ways to advance women’s right. The doctrine was known as The Declaration of Sentiments, it tackled women suffrage and addressed the right to vote for women. The ...

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...ement and what it stand for. Historically, Feminist have been more conservative on issues such as expressing their sexuality, but in The Third Wave, many of its new followers feel they deserve the right to express themselves as their male counterpart do. Many claim they are practicing the teachings of women equality.
The each wave Feminism holds its own significance in American history and also Western culture. Feminism it the to fight for social equality, political equality, economic equality for women of all demographic and different social backgrounds. By banding together the woman and men of the Feminist Movement have advanced the views and right of women that only continue to grow. Although there still much to be done with the help of proper education and progressive minds The Feminism Movement and Women 's Rights is sure to around for centuries to come.

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