Feminism And The Feminist Ethical Theory Essay

Feminism And The Feminist Ethical Theory Essay

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What do you think of when you hear feminism? A lot of people think it’s about women wanting to be treated equally like men. In reality, it’s way more than them just wanting to be treated equally. There’s a theory called the feminist ethical theory, which is what feminism is based on. The feminist ethical theory explains a lot about what people are morally supposed to do, and not to do, what makes a morally good person in society, and how we act in different situations like allowing refugees in your country.
According to the theory, one thing morally that we should do is care for all people, not just your loved ones. The theory explains if we start caring for all people we morally will be more open to people, their ideas, and not judge, or make decisions just based on what your loved ones think, or say. They believe emotions are something that helps us make moral decisions, and we should follow them when making decisions. Another thing the theory explains is we shouldn’t be the same. This means no moral roles or duties should have to be stuck just on the female, or just on the male because we are all created differently. Feminist is really against abstraction. Abstraction causes people to be the same and doesn’t allow people to express their opinions. The theory explains that we have different situations, and should base our moral reasoning, and decision-making by looking at past experiences, and present situation, and combine what you have learned from the past situations to help pick the best decision with the best outcome. Competition is something that feminist belief is wrong because the competition is based on what one person or team wants, and not what everyone wants. Feminist belief in cooperating with each other, because i...

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...ot treating everyone like we are supposed to be. Another thing is just because one refugee in France decides to help attack Paris it doesn’t mean that is what all refugees are going to do. The final reason is they believe in justice, and the refugees aren’t getting justice in their hometown.
The feminist ethical theory is a theory that sounds reasonable to me. The feminist ethical theory states caring for others, not treating everyone the same, not competing, and focusing on the responsibility we have to help and care for others is what makes something morally right. A good person than according to theory, is a person that cares about others, values uniqueness, has emotions, not bias towards gender, and knows how they are supposed to be treated. That is why feminism is more than just getting treated equally, and would allow refugees into America if they had a choice.

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