Essay on Feminism And Social, Political And Economic Equality Of The Sexes

Essay on Feminism And Social, Political And Economic Equality Of The Sexes

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“A feminist is one who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes” (Adichie, 2013). Feminism is not the belief that one’s sexual orientation or one’s power is superior over another. The very meaning of feminism demonstrates a complete resistance to this belief. Throughout the years, a range of categories of feminism philosophy have developed. They consist of goals in objectives, methodologies, and affiliations. Many feminists distinguish themselves with many branches of women 's activist thought. The three forms of feminism that this essay will consider are liberal feminism, socialist feminism, and radical feminism. This essay will argue that liberal feminism is the most valid theory of feminism as liberal feminist’s essential objective is sex balance in the general society circle - to break even with access to education, level with pay, demolish work sex isolation, promote better working conditions and become equal in the eyes of the law - won principally through legitimate and individualistic changes.

Liberal feminism began in the 18th century and carried on till present day. In the 1920s, after many years of brutalization, women had the right to vote (McElroy 2016). Liberal feminists became active once more in the 1960s when sex discrimination was becoming a major issue similar to racial discrimination. Several American women’s welfare organizations such as the National Organization for Women, national women’s political caucus and women’s equity action league were created during that era in order to expand and protect women’s rights (McElroy 2016). Liberal feminists argue that women and men have similar requirements. Liberal women rights ask: what do women need? For the most part, the exact same ...

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...ith men, instead of alienating them. As opposed to standards of liberal women 's liberation, which tend to concentrate on the individual woman, the socialist women 's activist hypothesis concentrates on the more extensive connection of social relations in the group and incorporates parts of race, ethnicity and different contrasts. Social and radical feminism addresses issues in the past, when sexism was a major concern and they both focus on conservative issues such as race, culture and ethnic background of an individual. Whereas, liberal feminism addresses modern issues (different types of feminism theories 2016)

What feminism has achieved over the years is admirable, for long and hard years’ feminist have fought for equality all over the world. Feminism has been very effective in changing a circumstance contemplated unchangeable since recorded history began.

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