Feminism And My Views On Feminism Essay

Feminism And My Views On Feminism Essay

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When discussing feminism in today’s society, various feeling can arise from different
individuals. Everyone may support feminism but it may mean something different to each
person. That is because there are several subdivisions of feminism. As I started to reflect on what
feminism meant to myself and explored various feminist websites, I found things I disagreed
with and others I was in agreement with their views. One website really challenged and truly
made me reflect upon my view of feminism and how I may interact with individuals with these
views. The other website I felt really resonated with my thoughts and feelings on feminism.
These two articles helped to open my mind to the many opposing views of feminism and how I
could be a better provider to all individuals.
Personally I have always been proud to be a woman in today’s modern day society,
working hard to have a professional career. I feel that I am an equal among men and I expect the
same treatment as a man. When examining the National Organization for Women (2016)
website, I saw a political post slamming one of the presidential candidates. I felt this really
challenged me, and brought out feelings of frustration and inequality. For on this website where
women claim to want equality they display how they do not wish to be equal to men but above
them. They bash a male candidate, claiming he’s a sexist for calling some women names. Yet,
there is no remarks or fight against the female candidate who clearly bashed women as well
when her husband’s situation became public. I personally feel that if you want to be equal among
men then do not play the victim if they call you a name. Also, if this organization wants to make
these remarks and petitions, again make it equal and poi...

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.... Just as I do not want to be judged for my values and opinions, I
will not judge others for their same right. It is vital to understand this to allow a trusting and
respectful relationship to grow between a provider and patient; especially if they have different
ideologies or values. I am proud to live in a diverse nation where we have the right to be
different and have different ideologies, we need to celebrate our uniqueness not destroy it.
By examining our personal feelings, ideologies, and values will allow us as individuals to
build better relationships with people. This is especially important in the medical field when
needing to build a solid foundation for patient/provider relationship. It is crucial to remember
that just as we have the right to our own beliefs so does every other individual. If you want to
receive respect you must be willing to give respect.

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