Feminism And Marxism, By Lisa Beebe Essay

Feminism And Marxism, By Lisa Beebe Essay

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Humanity has always been overlooked by certain societal standards. Before technology, these norms travelled through proxies like religion, politics, wealth, and certain scientific beliefs. In modern day America, these ideals are now also filtered through mediums such as media, movies, tv shows, fashion, etc. As time goes, we become more aware of the inequalities these ideals create and come up with theories such as feminism and Marxism to analyze them. Socially, Marxism addresses the relationship between one 's economic class and how it affects them in civilization. Meanwhile, feminist theory aims to address the oppression and issues dealt with under a patriarchal lifestyle. In this story we can see how both of these theories affect the central character. “Wildflowers” by Lisa Beebe revolves around a woman who randomly begins growing flowers from her skin. At first, she finds them strange and wants to hide and get rid of them. This is enforced by the criticism she receives from her “boyfriend,” boss, and society. Fortunately, She begins to take a liking towards the flowers and eventually gives up everything to move to somewhere more rural and less commercialized for the sake of them and herself. The reason the protagonist is not welcomed is because of the morals surrounding her gender and her socio-economic class, since her position in both of these groups gives her no right to be different nor unique. The only way she liberates herself is by cutting off all ties with her material life and leaving what used to be her home.
Through the feminist eye, we can see how she is oppressed by her boyfriend since he expects her to live up to a certain image and how she craves acceptance from him. To start off, the flowers on her skin are a m...

... middle of paper ...

...her job and eventually all her belongings to come to terms with herself, even though the odds were against her since she is a woman in middle/low class America. Movies, books, tv shows, and even our families are one of the few factors that fuel gender roles and restrictions. Adding on, lower and middle class women are expected persuaded to do what the upper class is doing since they also set a certain social foundation. This causes even further restrictions on the ability to express ourselves. Tyson compares these ideals as pedestals, stating “Pedestals are small and leave a women with very little room to do anything but fulfill the prescribed role [...] pedestals are shaky. One can easily fall off a pedestal, and when a woman does, she is often punished.” We are expected to be the perfect“wife” and “mother,” which leaves us no room to be ourselves and be contented.

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