Feminism And Its Meanings Essay

Feminism And Its Meanings Essay

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Feminism means different things to many people. Its meanings have been shaped by the historical context in which the word is used. For instance, the word feminism during the 19th century suffrage movement meant something totally different from what we associate with the word feminism and how we define it today. Because feminism is subject to people’s opinions, ideas, feelings, and scrutiny, there is more than one definition of the word. Feminism has been defined as a movement, a theory, and a collective response to a shared experience. Feminism has taken on quite a few negative connotations and stereotypes that significantly affect its ability to transform this male-dominated reality. We can never really know the absolute definition of the word feminism, but we can examine different perspectives on the subject in order to understand what definition makes the most sense in describing feminism.
There are some feminists who take offense with the fact that there are so many definitions of the word. From a radical feminist perspective, Bell Hooks communicates her discontent with this fa...

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