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Feminism And Gender Within Society Essay examples

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The discussion of feminism and gender within society is a controversial and often confusing subject within today’s world. While this conversation is not new whatsoever, it seems to be a hot one as we come to the end 2016. The subject brings forth many questions on how to break the barriers of gender roles and gender norms, and in addition stressing the importance to address these topics. As we look into the two articles: Raising Two Boys as Feminists Without a Mother and Against Silencing: Why All Writers—Even White Men—Should Discuss Gender, these two essays both speak on their own personal experiences facing a misogynistic society and their efforts dismantling gender norms.
I deliberately analyzed these two articles together because they hold the same frame of reference at their core, or at least the author’s objectives when writing these pieces happen to hold the same frame of reference at their core. The essays both challenge the discussion gender rather than shy away from the conversation, and also encourage others in society to do the same. Both authors call for society to dig deeper within themselves to further comprehend and embrace the subjects of gender and feminism that we as a community tend to avoid. Although they may not speak on the same subject exactly or hold the same approach, both have the same narrative of speaking on gendering roles, gender norms, and feminism in society while also stressing that it is crucial to progress as a community towards equality and proper representation.

As these two articles do have their theme in common, there are differences within their arguments. Whereas the author of Raising Two Boys as Feminists Without a Mother, Rumaan Alam, perceives the issue to be that our society’s ...

... middle of paper ...

... an audience such of Elle’s, who often look down and sympathize with problems of the social classes who are seemingly below them.
In addition to the article aiming the reader to feel sympathy, it also depicts a sense of achievement for Alam, as if he did something revolutionary. The way he develops the text, he acts as if he should be rewarded for his strategic lessons of gender equality and self love in order to teach his children to be feminists and love their blackness. He even goes to lengths that depict him doing his duty to his sons saying, “Feeling the feminist angle was covered, my innocent parental prattle—propaganda; it always is—focused on the boys ' blackness.” (Alam 3) Again, he seems to expect an applause from his readers for covering the subject of feminism and now being able to move onto the next problem of self love. It all just seems to be shallow.

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