Feminism : A Modern Culture For Minorities Essay

Feminism : A Modern Culture For Minorities Essay

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How Has Feminism Art Helped Develop Post Modern Culture For Minorities.

Feminism developed in four different sections, starting in the 1900 's. Women fought for acknowledgement of their suffering and gender equality. The second focused on 'emancipation and the body ' between the 1960 's up to the 70 's. Then the third celebrates differences rather than equality (1980 's to the 1990 's), But in the present day Artists draw from all three of these developments to further into post-feminism.
Throughout this essay I hope to illustrate how the development of Feminism was shown through art into Post Feminism and how feminism not only gave rights to women but to other 'Minorities ', I also plan on showing how strong Political influence is involved in art and feminism.
Feminism made itself prominent In the early 1960 's, after the war according to studies women had become smaller, their dress sizes would have dropped dramatically; 3 or 4 sizes for example, and thirty percent of women had dyed their hair blond to look more feminine. The Iconic, Marilyn Monroe, died in 1962, but her legacy did not die with her. Still to this day Many people idealise Marilyn Monroe.
In 1963, Gloria Steinem, exposed the play boy house for its low wages, sexual harassment and racism. Black women were called 'chocolate bunnies ' by going undercover for an assignment for a magazine. When she became The feminist leader she said that 'All women were treated like bunnies. '
It seemed like a very extreme level of femininity was being pushed further and further forward. It seems that feminism really started to branch out through books and Written media before reaching more dramatic approaches, such as protests. Despite a protest in 1968 at The Ford Pla...

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...en society has no use for something it excludes it and treats it as a lesser to something with use. So when feminism started to make a change for women and prove they were more then their gender and sexuality it has done the same for queer culture with or without realising this fact. Feminism as we know now in present day is that it draws from the three waves of feminism and As a gay man I do think personally things have become a lot better for Feminism and queer culture but I can 't argue enough that although things are better, you will never one hundred percent remove chauvinistic views and homophobia from society and as sad as that thought is in the present day with how far we have come. We have to look at the point we have been fighting for for years. “ Celebrating peoples differences.” and If we can not accept another opinion are we not just being contradictory?

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