Essay on Female Victims Of Sexual Harassment

Essay on Female Victims Of Sexual Harassment

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Life has a lot of aspects that we have to adapt to whether we accept those facts or not. Egypt’s culture, religious beliefs, and manly society puzzled the lives of women by sexually harassing them and limited the Egyptians’ freedom to express their opinions. Sexual harassment is not a new phenomenon in Egypt, but has been increasing, especially after January the 25th revolution. “99.3% of the Egyptian women have been subjected to sexual harassment either at work, public transportations, or in streets” (Peuchaud, 2014). Being Egyptian and a woman who lived through the 25th of January revolution, I have witnessed a lot of victims of sexually harassed women and experienced sexual harassment myself.
Female victims of sexual harassment in Egypt are usually blamed for bringing the abuse on themselves because of what they are wearing. Another misrepresentation is the notion that Egyptian women are overly sexual beings who must be constrained (Martin, 2010). Men think by following culture norms and religion, women should take care of what they are wearing. They think being veiled will keep women away from being sexually harassed.
Doing gender, which is the idea of practicing gender according to one’s sex, whether a female or a male. It is the practice of being feminine or masculine (West and Zimmerman 1987) plays an important role in the Egyptian society. Men express their masculinity and show it off when they harass a woman. It is horrible how a community thinks that harassing women is a way of doing gender and expressing masculinity. If women will not take any actions against sexual harassment, then men will see this as acceptable to harass a woman anytime without being punished. Therefore, it will negatively affect women as individ...

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...uivalent to over $2550 (Gamal El-Din, 2016).
Thinking of the puzzle or the pattern of both issues of sexual harassment and freedom of speech makes me long accepting some of the culture norms and religious beliefs that only serve my society. But keeps me puzzling about why as a woman I have to accept to be treated as an object? Why cannot Egyptians live in a democratic society, where everyone can express their own opinion like other democratic countries?
In conclusion, both issues addressed above have an impact on the Egyptian society. I have long accepted some of the culture and religious beliefs Egyptians have because of literature and evidences of how conservative Egypt is. However, I am still puzzled by why the revolution did not achieve freedom and equality, while that was its goal? There is no evidence or literature that back up the failure of the revolution.

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