Essay on Female Veterans Recieving Support in Transition to College

Essay on Female Veterans Recieving Support in Transition to College

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Veterans often face many challenges after being discharged from the military and adjusting to life as a civilian can be demanding. After being discharged, finding a job by transferring their military work experience to a civilian job is not always easy, since many of the tasks they perform in the service are not always needed in the civilian job market. The lifestyle they face is frequently a bit different than what they are used to. There is no duty station to go to; no superior officer to answer to; no watches to stand; and none of the instant camaraderie that is generally found in the military. It can feel very awkward for them not having all the things they have been accustomed to having in the military community, and without that structure things can seem a little scary sometimes.
If the veteran is recently returning home from war, that can present a multitude of issues and these veterans often feel very isolated and alone while struggling to feel like they can “fit in” with their civilian friends, family, and peers. Many of them often need counseling or a place they can go to where they can feel like they really belong. They need support to help them deal with traumatic experiences that are often associated with war. Witnessing a friend, a coworker, or a child get blown up is not an easy thing to live with, and many times they themselves are the victim. Coming home with these wounds, both physical and/or psychological, can be devastating to them and their families. Connecting with other vets who have had the same types of experiences can sometimes help ease their stress as they are acclimating to civilian life after being in a high-alert war setting for many months.
If the soldier...

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