Essay about Female Speaker : Just Being Lazy

Essay about Female Speaker : Just Being Lazy

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People have been using it forever, we know that there are not any super serious long term affects, like serious effects in the same way that alcohol is.

Male Speaker: Or cigarettes.

Female Speaker 3: Or like heroine affects you and so I think, that coupled with each other, a lot of times, people don’t act out as much as they are when you smoke marijuana as if you were drunk. You are not as apt to hurt someone or things along those lines.

Interviewer: Are there any disadvantages to using marijuana that you can think of?

Male Speaker: Just being lazy. You don’t really want to do anything but just lay there and chill and you stop wanting to do anything.

Female Speaker: The only downside that I see with it is that I just want to sleep. Just go to bed or sit there and eat. It’s like lets go do something and you like have your hot Cheetos, I’m, fine.

Female Speaker 2: I think that using it in moderation is the better way to put it and that makes it okay or safer to use. I think if you use it every day or all day is when you get complacent and don’t care to change or do anything is when you over use it.

Male Speaker: As a white person, there are very few disadvantages to doing it, especially if I was talking to particularly a black kid who is in middle school or high school. There are disadvantages because it is illegal and you get caught with it and you are black, there is a good chance that you are going to get the maximum or a felony.

That is fucked up and shouldn’t be the case and we should just legalize it so it stops happening. It is important for young people, of all races, but especially for those who are more likely to be charged by the police, know that it could really fuck up your life if you get caught w...

... middle of paper ...

...e mix prescription pills with alcohol too, which it specifically says to not do and they do it anyway.

Female Speaker 3: Also, people say you can overdose if you do coke, well, you could, but if you take a bunch of Xanax.

Female Speaker 2: Then you could really hurt yourself.

Interviewer: The next set of questions is going to be about sexual health. What would you consider to be a risky or harmful sexual behavior?

Male Speaker: A lot of sex.

Female Speaker: Drunken sex.

Male Speaker: Unprotected sex with random people.

Female Speaker: I don’t really agree with Bradley on a lot of sex. As long as you are taking the precautions then it is safe. I don’t think a lot of sex is bad, but if you don’t ask and make sure they are clean or you don’t make sure you are clean and you are just kind of going out raw, that is probably not the best for you or your partners

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