Female Sexuality 101 : Women Essay

Female Sexuality 101 : Women Essay

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Female Sexuality 101: Women in Their 20s (or earlier)
“The Morning After”
Young women are vulnerable to being hurt by a combination of various aspects of the 20 something phase of life. These issues are common and while there is always the possibility that there will be exceptions, young women need to be aware to avoid feeling too vulnerable and to get hurt.
There is a divide as wide as the Grand Canyon between male and female approaches, responses, and reaction to sex. If young people can become aware of this stage of developments in these discrepancies.
The young male does a mating dance in an effort to seek out sex. As such their desire and labito cause them to follow pheromones and to do whatever it takes to attract the female. In the animal world the appearance of the male is what we typically associate with the colorful pleasing aesthetic attributed to females. Humans and animals don’t differ as much as we might believe. The male in the animal world has an aesthetic naturally pleasing to the eye of the female. Young male homo sapiens are prone to the same magnetism by using all the right language, gestures, and body language to attract females. The goal is typically singular, sex with the chosen female.
The male is not necessarily deliberately deceiving the female, though he is doing what it takes to satisfy his labido, which is typically stronger then his moral compass at this stage.
The young male who is seeking sex is in a race to win and the finish line is having sex and achieving orgasm. Once this release is achieved they have biologically achieved their goal and satisfied their libido. They don’t need to keep running since they are at the finish line. Once this goal is achieved the enthusiasm for the woman is also...

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...xual encounters do have one thing in common in that their labido is strong, impulse control weak. This contributes to morning after syndrome as neither the young male or female have balance their labido with descretion. Both the young male and female are naive. In the quest for achieving sex the male may actually believe the overtures he is using to gain the trust of the female. Once release is accomplished, these well meaning intentions can also naturally dissipate. While he may have felt sincere the night before emotions, good intentions, and even circumstances can have drastic changes literally overnight, or after desired number of sexual encounters. Men and women in their twenties are starting their adulthood, not achieving adulthood, just as they are starting to mature but have not matured. Inevitable sexual encounters turn awkward and hurtful the morning after.

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