Female 's Dependence On Males And As A Victim Essay

Female 's Dependence On Males And As A Victim Essay

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A male that opts out of work to take care of children is almost unheard of, but many people expect females to make this sacrifice. It has become a societal norm to value a male’s career over a female’s and to assume the wife will be the primary caretaker of any children. This causes a female 's dependence on males and as a result can have various negative consequences. After centuries worth of these skewed concepts being widely accepted, society is slowly starting to move forward. The outdated ideology that women should rely on her husband’s income is represented as the social norm in the Ms. Survey, but the flaws in this thinking are uncovered and a modernized belief that women should be able to support themselves is referenced in a contrasting piece from The Onion.
The Ms. Survey represents the idea that females may experience abuse or fear in their own homes, but this does not mean to leave their husband. There are twenty-six questions that include "How many times have you been a victim of violence by men?" and "Do you deliberately dress to be unprovocative?". The survey is presented in such a nonchalant manner that it comes off as a quick poll for the curiosity of the authors. The majority of the questions assume that a women is in an abusive relationship or living in constant fear but the survey fails to recognize the fact that this is not a healthy way to live. The title "The Way We Live" identifies the norm in society as a woman being under her man both physically and emotionally. The questions assume most females have encountered abuse and the title identifies this as something women will just have to deal with in their lives.
The 1990 survey, The Way We Live represents a complete female dependence on males. By ma...

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...he increasing sales of the operation kits as children are working to emulate their mothers. It is imperative to obtain either a career or a valuable skill as a female or married woman.
The Ms. Survey and article from The. Onion bring up a terrifying concept that women without the ability to support themselves relinquish control over to their spouse. By obtaining a career or beneficial skill, women allow themselves to have options and keep the concept of negative consequences in their relationship. This allows more equality not only in the household but as a whole for females. The article from The Onion proves women with jobs are not only more beneficial for society, but they are more fulfilled in life. Women who are financially supported by their husbands create a recipe for emotional and physical abuse, unhappiness, and little representation in large decisions.

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