Female Leadership in Scandal Essay

Female Leadership in Scandal Essay

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Scandal is a show that premiered on ABC in April of 2012. It caught the attention of many people across the country following the main character, Olivia Pope. Pope is the head of a crisis management team with a very interesting and complex background. As the show continues we learn a little bit more about her upbringing and past employers. One of which is the current President of the United States on the show. Pope’s background brings an action packed dynamic that attracts so many viewers on a weekly basis. Pope is head of a team called Pope and Associates. This organization works on solving or fixing problems for many high profile figures along with solving some of their own. Scandal often runs multiple story lines parallel on the show adding to the hectic hour of television. In addition, Scandal is based in Washington D.C. which makes viewers question how close the show is to real life politics. In a way, this show is very relatable to the novel, “This Town” by Mark Leibovich because it portrays a hectic lifestyle for the leaders of our world involving gossip, side deals, and power play. Pope and her associates are not afraid to do whatever it takes to solve a problem. Often the team works on setting up an agenda for solving the problem in Pope’s office. Pope demonstrates she will go to extremes for clients and has a reputation due to her background as a former lawyer, daughter of the head of the government’s top-secret spy agency, and loss of a mother figure at a young age.
Olivia Pope is a leader and exemplifies many of the main themes we discussed this semester. As she continues to solve problems for mostly Washington’s elite she continues to maintain power through three main concepts from the...

... middle of paper ...

...clients continue to respect Olivia Pope, which exemplifies her strong reputation in Washington, DC. The theme of spin will continue to portray itself on the show as the time passes and more complex issues come to the surface with Pope’s family. In summary, as a female leader Pope is a strong and resourceful leader who mainly uses her ability to spin, network, and reputation to continue to advance herself in her leadership role.

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