Female Genital Mutilation Essay

Female Genital Mutilation Essay

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Female Genital Mutilation

Pain, shame, lack of ability to reproduce. Marie, who suffers from each of these symptoms, is one of the many women from Africa who have suffered from female genital mutilation. When Marie was only two years old, she had her clitoris and labia cut off. Since then, she has moved to New York yet is still suffering from the many consequences you get from female genital mutilation. Female genital mutilation, also known as FGM, is a very common procedure primarily done in Africa for cultural beliefs. There are no known beneficial medical reasons as to why people would get the procedure done. FGM became a thing several decades ago by African tribes and is only now being brought up into the light as people realize that it is not a necessity in life. Once you go through the procedure, you have to live with the symptoms for the rest of your life and the situation down there does not heal at all. Since the topic is fairly new in the newsstands, not a lot of people know how to address women who have gone through this and how they can help them from here on out. FGM is spreading throughout the world rather rapidly because women finally decided to start speaking up for themselves. Several countries are trying to determine the long-term outcomes of FGM and improve the situation for the near future.


A major issue that goes hand in hand with female genital mutilation is health problems. FGM alters female genital organs, without a medically beneficial outcome. It is performed because African culture believes that it will keep girls pure because they will appear unattractive to men until marriage. There are no medical justifications for a girl to have her clitoris or any other genital org...

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...st century is so advanced in everything nowadays, that it really would be pathetic to get dragged behind because of such an old fashioned sin against humanity. We have the power to go out there and show the world, person by person, that violating the human rights is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form.

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