Female Genital Mutilation And An Illegal Procedure Essay

Female Genital Mutilation And An Illegal Procedure Essay

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3 million girls fall victim to an illegal procedure each year. 3 million girls fall victim to an illegal procedure each year that puts their lives at risk. 3 million girls fall victim to an illegal procedure each year that puts their lives at risk, and their parents celebrate it as a rite of passage. The procedure described above is known as female genital mutilation, or female circumcision, and is defined as the removal of a portion of, or all of, the external female genitalia, specifically the clitoris. But what could make one woman turn a knife on another? And why would a procedure with known health consequences as severe as hemorrhaging and death continue? The answer is simple: a cultural tradition. The problem: throughout history, women have faced intense discrimination for the sake of tradition. With assertion and strength, most industrialized nations are working to overcome female suppression and to protect a woman’s basic rights, but in countries such as North and Central Africa, this gross violation of human rights continues to be committed against millions of women each year. The practice of female genital mutilation, an unnecessary procedure, violates a female’s fundamental human rights and bodily integrity by imposing health risks and perpetuating a culture of male dominance.
Female genital mutilation has a poorly understood history, but what is known is that it has become a deeply rooted tradition in Northern and Central African culture over the last 2,000 years and still continues today. Activists in the past speculated that the prevalence of the procedure flourished from Islamic culture, but according to broad spectrum data collected by a variety of global organizations, it is widely accepted that both Muslims and ...

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...tal human rights.
Parents are supposed to protect their children, yet many North and Central African girls find themselves in a situation where their parents sacrifice their daughter’s health in the name of tradition. Female genital mutilation is a violation against female health and reproductive rights. Young girls continue to die in the name of a tradition that violates a person 's rights to health, security and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment, but more importantly, female genital mutilation violates the right to life. The fight to end female genital mutilation goes deeper than a cultural tradition, but the fight to end female genital mutilation is a fight for female equality and an end to child abuse. Girls should not be raised to accept subpar health rights because theirs mothers accepted the same.

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