Female Genital Mutilation Analysis Essay

Female Genital Mutilation Analysis Essay

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Female genital mutilation, or FGM, has become one of the most monstrous issues facing young women around the world today. FGM is preformed on young girls to prevent a women’s potential promiscuity. It involves removing or mutilating a female’s genitals. FGM is more commonly preformed on females between the ages from four years to, in some cases, 25 years.
FGM is most commonly practiced in 26 of 43 African countries. According to the PATH organization report, FGM is prevalent in Somalia, Zaire, Mali, Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan, and the Central African Republic. FGM is also found among ethnic groups in Oman, the UAE, Yemen, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. According to the statistics collected by WHO, 93.7% of Eritrean women, 98% of Somalian women, 97% of Egyptian women, 89%of Sudanese women, 93.7%of Malian women, and only 5% of women from Zaire have undergone some form of FGM. FGM is more common in rural areas and villages than it is in urban cities in these countries. These countries leaders and governments condemn the practice of FGM, however, no formal action or initiative has taken place to stop it from occurring. FGM is becoming more common in the US, Canada, and England due to the rise of immigrants from FGM practicing communities.
FGM is carried out as a means to control a woman’s sexual desires. It ensures virginity and fidelity before marriage and it also increases a male’s sexual pleasure. In addition, FGM is viewed as a rites of passage ritual that allows women to enter womanhood. Some societies view it as hygienic to preform FGM since female genitalia resembles that of a male.
There are also socio-economic reasons for preforming FGM. For example, in communities where FGM is a prerequisite for marriage, women are dependent ...

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... end FGM. The World Health Organization is working to strengthen the health sector. They are providing guidelines, training and policy to “ensure that health professionals can provide medical care and counseling to girls living with FGM.” WHO is also generating knowledge about the causes and consequences of FGM procedures, and are working to end the practice so that future generations are safe from such a brutal surgical procedure. Last but not least, WHO is working to increase advocacy and developing publicity.
Female genital mutilation is not an issue that will blow over immediately; it requires extreme measures, strategies, and persistence. As a major community health issue, it is imperative that FGM procedures be publicized and made aware of. We must form a foundation that increases advocacy and pushes for legislation that will benefit women around the world.

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