Female Gender Roles During Latin American Countries Essay

Female Gender Roles During Latin American Countries Essay

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Previously, female gender roles have not only been reinforced through traditional telenovelas, but have been subliminally implied to from a very young age through many societal aspects. The spatial organization of residences is one example of an ordinary practice that heavily impacts how gender is viewed and learned by young children. In Mexico, women are expected to be amas de la casa (homemakers), working for the home within the home and caring for the children while men work outside of the home. As a result, marriages are often built on the concept of respeto (respect) and a hierarchal power structure in which the woman is often relegated to the whims of her husband (“Women, Men and the Changing” 2009:2). However, immigration has lead to changes in female gender roles in Latin American countries. As men tend to migrate to the United States first and leave their wives in behind, it results in power-sharing between the husband and the wife due to economic necessity (“Women, Men and the Changing” 2009:5). Reasons behind this change are also attributed to globalization and the impact of American culture, as efforts to become more modern according to the standards of the United States, are made. For example, “migration has affected the traditional gender roles in Mexico, transforming them into what families in Mexico believe is the norm in the United States. Families try to conform to what is modern based on what they gather from their transnational relationships with family and friends in the United States” (“Women, Men and the Changing” 2009:2). Consequently, in Latin American countries, labour participation of women has increased from 49.2% in 2000 to 52.9% in 2010 (Tinoco 2014), women’s economic participation increased 18 percen...

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...ode 4). She is different from Gabriella in many ways, but she is just as strong and unique from the other female characters within this series. This telenovela, in particular is a prime example of how the societies in these Latin American countries still try to hold on to their traditional patriarchal values. Gabriella’s insistence on working in the mine, despite her son’s wishes for her to stay at home, Patricia’s beliefs that women can be more than their positions to remain by their husband’s sides, are representative of the surely, albeit slowly, changing social norms of women in Latin American societies. There are those who are willing to accept the different and more respected roles of women in society, while there are those who insist upon the more traditional roles that will in the end stilt the advancement of society in all aspects in the present and future.

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