Female Gender Diversity Essay

Female Gender Diversity Essay

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Introduction to Female Gender Diversity
In some of the most male-dominated professions on the globe, the numbers of females entering these professions or even taking up academic studies in these fields remain very low. The author intends to look at they why this is and offer insights and opinion on ways to improve this by critiquing 2 articles in this field. Taking the engineering, sciences, maths and technology professions as an example a significant gap still persists particularly in management and senior roles. The why this is; well the standard theories of bias, discrimination, no or small number of role models, attitudes to family and family responsibilities and work life balance are those favoured as the reason why women are not as prevalent in these professions as they maybe should be in a 21st century society.
Many governments, universities/colleges and organisation have tried initiatives to try reversing this and improving the statistics of females in these professions. Such things as mentoring programmes and career development programmes tried to reduce the gap as mentioned previously. The two articles reviewed around this area are:
Research Articles and Overview
“The Role of Gender in Team Collaboration and Performance” from Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, Vol 36 No 2, June 2011, 146-53; Author Julia B Bear
“Flawed Policy, Failed Politics? Challenging the Sexual Politics of Managing Diversity in Engineering Organizations” from Gender, Work and Organization, Vol 19 No 6 November 2012 doi: 10.1111/j.1468-0432.2010.00545.x
According to research there is a shortage of femal...

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...ognise the past models successes, avoid snap decisions, focus on one major change and not have to many changes all at once. Provide reassurance that gender diversity change is good. Provide proper training, resources, support and guidance.

Bear B Julia, Woolley Anita Williams; “The Role of Gender in Team Collaboration and Performance” from Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, Vol 36 No 2, June 2011, 146-53;
Kanter Rosabeth Moss; “Ten Reasons People Resist Change”, Harvard Business Review, September 25th 2012
Sharp Rhonda, Franzway Suzanne, Mills Julia and Gill Judith; “Flawed Policy, Failed Politics? Challenging the Sexual Politics of Managing Diversity in Engineering Organizations” from Gender, Work and Organization, Vol 19 No 6 November 2012 doi: 10.1111/j.1468-0432.2010.00545.x

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