Female Gangs : Female Gang Members And Their Population Increasing As Days

Female Gangs : Female Gang Members And Their Population Increasing As Days

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Research done has proven that there is existence of female gang members and their population increasing as days goes by. Female gangs are said to be more dangerous than their male counterparts, this is because they act so innocent and strike when you least expect them to. Female gangs make significant contribution to criminal activities and there is a need to understand their operations.
Female gang member’s roles in places like clubs include seducing the targeted clients and persuading them to go to lodging with them. The rest of the gang members will usually come after them and help to rob the client off their belongings. There are various ways in which a person gets to be recruited in the gang. First, is the recruitment with the aid of drugs. The female gangs that are recruited through drug abuse are more dangerous than the other gangs dealing in other criminal activities (Vigil, 2003). This is explained by the fact that they will do anything to protect themselves and even their fellow members from being caught. This can involve killing, lying and even putting their lives at risk.
Recruitment can also be through the need to be associated with friends or even family members who are already gang-involved and also for cultural pride identification (Vigil, 2003). In most common female gangs, rules are made in a democratic manner and in unison. Female gang members refer to each other as sisters. This is usually because it’s only sisters who understand each other’s pain and never give up on each other no matter the situations. Some female gangs even have the same way of dressing, making their hair and even walking. They work closely together so that they can protect each other in case of danger especially during the times of crim...

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...ers (Harding, 2016).
Consequences of exiting a gang include facing violence from those who you were previously in the same gang with, hateful comments, discrimination by members of the public and even rejection from them (Vigil, 2007). In some extreme cases, the members will result in taking drugs so that they can be able to forget the problems that they are going through. Others will choose to end their lives in order for their problems to be over.
The community can help deal with the problem through acknowledging the existence of gangs, developing a better training for police officers, understanding the gang’s social and individual member’s behaviors. This will help in dealing with the gangs that are terrorizing them. Once they come clean of their dirty ways, we should accept them back and wholeheartedly show them on better ways of making a living (Regoli, 2012).

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