Female Exploitation of Sexuality

Female Exploitation of Sexuality

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What kind of entertainment do you enjoy? Movies, reading, shopping are just some of the many things people enjoy as a form of Entertainment. Entertainment industry is one of the largest industries in America. The Entertainment industry is booming right now, people are spending a large portion of money going out and having a good time. From Broadway to the televisions in the supermarket, humans are constantly looking for a way to be satisfied from the boredom of everyday life. One form of entertainment is adult entertainment featuring women in controversial situations and positions. The magazine Hustler has been under much controversy because of the way women are viewed and degraded. Hustler, published by Larry Flint Publications, L.P.F, generates 32 monthly publications, profiting at almost 27 million dollars yearly and 135 million so far. The women of Hustler choose to pose in the magazine because they enjoy the money and glamour side. These beautiful women are getting money to pose and be sexy, and in no way do they feel degraded. However, when beautiful women are constantly seen with big breasts and tiny waist, sexy outfit and legs spread, society starts to view most women in a different light. Although Hustler allows some women to feel confident and sexy, the provocative photography and articles hurt women's self-confidence by presenting them unrealistic and insignificant.
Those who model for Hustler Magazine live a glamorous lifestyle and are praised for their good looks. They are considered some of the most beautiful women because of their perfect body and beautiful hair. These women make a good living by looking hot and spreading their legs for a camera, then they get to go to extravagant parties with all their beautiful friends. They're glamorous at work and at play; their work is being hot and dressing up in cute clothing or none at all. These women are in a powerful position because they are the top of their field. This industry also allows these women to feel good about themselves and have self-confidence. Many of these women have had self-worth issues; they have been treated badly for some trait and now are beautiful and wanted. Many adult models and entertainers have dealt with anorexia, abuse, molestations, lack of self-confidence and more. This industry provides support for these women and shows them they are beautiful. At the end of all Hustlers, there is the "Beaver Hunt", a section of women who send in pornographic pictures of themselves, they sign the pictures over to Larry Flint Productions and do not get paid but get their picture in a Hustler.

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Women who send these pictures in feel good about themselves and have a boost of self-confidence. Hustler gives these women self-confidence and reassurance on their looks.
Although Hustler gives these women self-confidence, overall the magazine shows women as submissive and insignificant to viewers. Some of these women are shown being dominated by men by being put in submissive positions, others are sitting or lying with legs spread. This hurts the way the readers and subscribers look at women because they are then seen as not having any control. It also strains the way these readers look at partners they are sexually intimate with because the woman is seen, as she needs to be dominated upon. Women are also viewed in Hustler as insignificant through jokes and articles. One comic strip shown in Vol. 12 No. 1 of Hustler Magazine shows the people at Pheuzer Pharmaceuticals in a conference introducing a new drug. The man who has tried the drug is standing naked in front of an audience with an erection and a blow horn in his ear. As the pharmacist is pointing to his subject's erection he states "We've taken the male-potency pill to the next level. Now, in addition to making the erection even firmer, it renders the man temporarily deaf so he doesn't have to listen to the bitch" (pg. 81). This statement shows readers that women are only good for sex because obviously this man is going to have sex with his wife or girlfriend who he doesn't have to listen to. This affects the way these readers are going to view their significant others, because they are only seen as a sexual object. Women are deemed insignificant when the pharmacist explains that the male subject will be deaf and won't "have to listen to the bitch", because nothing she says would be important anyways. Men are viewing women as passive and unimportant, which hurts the self-confidence of women because they are not given proper respect.
In addition to hurting the self-confidence of women by showing women as submissive and insignificant, Hustler also shows unrealistic and airbrushed women so by comparison many women feel unattractive and sexually unappealing. Many of the women in the magazine have small waists, big breasts, have beautiful tan perfect skin and most of the girls are blonde. In both Vol. 12 No. 1 and No. 3, 4 out of 6 of the women are blonde, 5 out of 6 are Caucasian, and all are big breasted. However, most women do not look like this in real life because the women of Hustler have many superficial assets. Many of these models were not born with these assets, they are fake or what some call "plastic". Some of these models have had plastic surgery on their face, eyes or lips, and many have had breast enlargements. In addition, some use false tanning, which darkens skin and can help even out skin tones, some change their hair color to blonde or highlights and some have extensions to lengthen and volumizes hair. All of these women have stylists that do their make up, hair, nails and shavings. This is a lot of work to look beautiful for most women because today women are working and going to school and don't have the time or money to look like models. In addition, men also hold high expectations in bed for women and their actions and positions. There is a lot of fabrication that goes into the production of Hustler while being made. The models are taking pictures in a studio, so the production is high quality. In addition to the pictures being high quality, they are also airbrushed, a process which blends in and covers blemishes, cellulite, scars, moles and more. All of these women look perfect, which gives people an unrealistic look at others, this makes people very superficial and shapes the way women are the most beautiful.
Hustler magazine greatly affects many people. Women are hurt because they feel inadequate and men are hurt because they will not have an idealistic view on women. Adult entertainment gives men entertainment and some women like the models self-confidence, but what is the cost? Women who fit more into the norms of society are looked upon as outcasts because they are not as superficial. This leads many women into unhealthy problems like anorexia, bulimia and depression. John Berger states in Mind Readings "we are now so accustomed to being addressed by these images that we scarcely notice their total impact" (130). Even passing by one of these magazines affect the way people think. Stopping the production of these magazines is unrealistic, but women will continue to have self-confidence issues when they are portrayed unrealistic. Young girls, sisters, daughters, mothers and friends need to know that they are beautiful even if they don't fit into the superficial idea of women. They need to be encouraged to be strong and powerful so they can have self-confidence in school, workplace and everyday life.
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